Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yankee Swap Ideas

The holiday season means merriment, parties, and gift exchanges! This often sends people into a dizzying tizzy about what to present that's gender neutral, funny, or thoughtful (and let's be honest, you kind of want your gift to be "stolen" at least once).

FOR CLOSE FRIENDS: So since I just witnessed one of the best yankee swap gift exchanges with close friends (it was filled with laughs, "oohs," "ahhs," and stealing), I thought I'd share the notable mentions. (It was a $20 maximum for twenty something year olds)

  • Fish, with requisite fish bowl and food!
  • 20 single $1 bills (labeled for a bachelor or bachelorette party)
  • whiskey stones (amazing to cool down your drink without watering it down)
  • $20 gift certificate to a local lunch spot
  • Mine: "holiday party for two" gift basket... Two mini bottles of champagne, cheese and crackers, milano cookies, whipped cream. Nothing says holidays like romantic gestures!
WORK COLLEAGUES: Work or non close friend swaps are completely different story, ie stay clear of fish bowls, $1 dollar bills, etc. Best ones are stocking stuffer type items, cool but inexpensive tech gifts like mini speakers or water proof music ear buds. 

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